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Who is captain corbin?

Captain Corbin is the funniest, friendliest, most magical pirate you'd ever want to meet! He “sails” all over Canada performing interactive pirate themed magic shows and entertaining children of all ages.


So much more than just another magic show, Captain Corbin's performances are



 Full of family friendly fun, magic and extensive audience participation, the shows are often best described as a live action Saturday morning television show. The Captain uses nautical nonsense, madcap magic and pirate hi-jinks to captivate audiences. The kids will also love the chance to meet a real pirate and get a bit of his pirate treasure after the show. (Don't worry, the Captain LOVES to share!)


Every performance is customized to be perfect for your venue and audience.

Experience counts when choosing entertainment for your special occasion. Captain Corbin has close to 20 years experience performing at hundreds of events annually. For everyone's safety, Captain Corbin is fully insured with $5 million in general liability insurance and he obtains a police check every year. For those reasons and many more, year after year, his show is the preferred choice for libraries, schools, summer camps, resorts, corporate groups and families who know they can count on his unmatched professionalism and guaranteed entertainment value.


The Captain's performances have taken him to some of the most exclusive locations across North America as well as many popular ports of call. Having Captain Corbin at your next event is a sure fire way of putting a smile on everyone's face! Your guests will have a BLAST! (like a cannon!)


services available

Captain Corbin offer a variety of services structured to fit any venue.  From small shows to large events, it's just a matter of letting us know what you're looking for specifically.  Below are some options to choose from.

strolling performance

close-up magic

stage magic

“Mom look, It's a real PIRATE!!!!”


Captain Corbin makes quite a swashbuckling scene strolling around your event. He welcomes your guests, performs some amazing magic and interacts with young and old. Always family friendly and a lot of fun, Captain Corbin is the best entertainer for a mixed family audience of all ages. Often the Captain will walk around with his pirate parrot puppet named “Pickles” and tell really corny pirate jokes! Everyone will be laughing at his hysterical hi-jinks, nautical nonsense and having a blast! He often gathers quite the crowd and has many requests to pause his pirating for people to take pictures.


Having a strolling entertainer is a great way to add excitement and extra value to simply attending your event. Your guests will really enjoy the personal attention when Captain Corbin strolls up and performs just for them.  Captain Corbin can, and has performed at all kinds of venues, fairs, festivals and special events, both indoors and outside. If you don't have a stage, or your stage is full, a strolling performance is a perfect fit.

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 Captain Corbin is truly one of Ontario's foremost close up magicians, having incredible slight of hand skill. With 20 years experience performing close up magic at wedding receptions, trade shows, restaurants, corporate events and more he's a very proficient professional performing pirate. His unique style is visual, funny, family friendly and is guaranteed to leave your guests not just entertained, but totally amazed.


The Captain can perform close up magic for your guests by moving between groups in a reception setting, or by entertaining whole tables before a dinner or speeches. Close up magic is a wonderful ice breaker and talking point. It helps to ensure that your guests are entertained and that your event is memorable.  When you hire Captain Corbin, your guests will enjoy a truly unique magical experience filled with amusement and glee.


Is a pirate not proper for your event? Check out my very formal, Victorian themed alter ego The Charming Cheat at www.CharmingCheat.ca


Close up magic performances are available on a per hour basis with a two hour minimum. Discounts are available for full day packages, or when strolling is purchased along with a full show. Inquire for details.

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Captain Corbin's stage shows are Boatloads of fun! This entertaining performance is full of family friendly magic and pirate hi-jinks. Audiences really get involved – and many come onstage to assist. Don't think this show is just for the young though, Scallywags, pirates and mermaids of all ages will have a great time! During every performance the Captain plays great royalty free pirate music. The show looks great, sounds great, and really makes an impression. Never in a rush to set sail, after the show Captain Corbin comes out to meet everyone and share his treasure!


Each show is customized to be perfect for the venue, and can be as elaborate as you like. Illusions, decor, and more can be added. I come fully equipped with tables, microphones, and can supply a sound system, nothing additional needs to be rented.

Booking more then one show? Discounts are provided for multiple shows booked on the same day, or consecutive days when accommodations are provided.

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frequently asked questions

We understand not everyone goes around and hires a pirate for their events.  Often there are a lot of questions we get asked regarding the booking and venue.  Below are the most popular questions we get with some brief answers.

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  • How is your performances different from others?

    When you book Captain Corbin, he'll go overboard with his preparations, set up and the show to ensure you have the best event ever. The Captain shows up much earlier then most entertainers, often in full costume, to meet and greet everyone and set up. The Captain performs out of real antique pirate chests and uses old wood barrels as tables, during deluxe shows the stage is set with beautiful nautical themed backdrops and more. The show always looks impressive, and sounds great.


    The Captain's shows are highly interactive, He engages the children and brings many "onstage" to assist with the magic. After the performance, Captain Corbin quickly clears the stage, but instead of packing up and setting sail, he always sets time aside to personally greet all the children and hand out a bit of pirate treasure. Much more then just another magician in a pirate suit, Captain Corbin is THE magical pirate, his shows are closer to a live version of a Saturday morning television cartoon and your guests, both young and old will be laughing, entertained and will have memories that will last a long long time!



  • What age groups are appropriate?

    The Captain's shows are always family friendly and are customized to be age appropriate to the audience present. Children, Adults, teens or a mix - with over 20 years performance experience you can bet everyone will be entertained. {children aged 5 and under are not recommended

  • Where can we hold our event?

    The Captain can perform and has performed in just about every type of venue. School auditoriums, theaters, banquet halls, festivals and in the park. A Hard flat surface is best, and if there will be 50 or more guests a riser or stage is highly recommended.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes, Captain Corbin is fully insured, with $5mill. General liability insurance and can provide a Certificate of Insurance if Requested.  Additional Insured Requests or special insurance requirements may be an additional charge.

  • Do you have a recent police check?

    Captain Corbin obtains a police check once a year, every year. Upon booking a performance you may request a copy of his most recent police check. (charge may apply if a newer police check then available is required ie, less then 12 months)

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Captain Corbin The Magical Pirate is funny, family friendly and the perfect pirate performer for your next special event. Captain Corbin performs all over Ontario, Canada and North America performing stage shows, strolling performances and close up magic at fairs, festivals, schools, libraries, private parties and corporate events. The Captain's shows are very interactive and full of magic and pirate hi-jinks that will make memories that last.


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